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Dear Users,
The updates posted on the website are only for Educational & Information purpose. Legal & Strict Action will be taken for any misuse of the content updated on this website. Please don’t make any offensive, illegal or any type of activities which harm a person (personally, physically, financially or mentally etc.)  with the details updated over the website.

Any content which is updated on our website mistakenly, that belongs to a person, community or organization etc. We are hereby apologize for that and ensure that it will not be repeated again in future.
If you are legal owner of that content, please mail us with the following details and we assure you that the content will be removed within 72 Hours. 
-> Your Nice Name along with the organization Name
-> Contact Details
-> Copyright Infringing URL
-> Proof of copyright (Like- URL or other Legal Document)
You may reach to us by mailing on – [email protected]